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Because Every Life Tells a Story

I will conduct thorough death investigations utilizing proven techniques. 

To preserve human dignity, every individual's final story needs to be accurately told. Accuracy of causes of death allows law enforcement to target drug traffickers, protect communities, and prevent future harm to the community.  Accurate reporting of the cause of death also allows outside agencies to designate funds to preventing the leading causes of death.

- I will promote informed communities to help prevent avoidable deaths.

Informed communities have power. The community should be informed and therefore able to decrease the number of avoidable deaths. This could include trainings for high schoolers on railroad track crossing, suicide awareness trainings, public education on communicable diseases, and volunteers coming together to provide bereavement care to those who have suffered an unexpected loss. Together, Lake County officials can draw connections between overdose victims, the cause of death, and drug suppliers. 

- I will responsibly use our resources to provide accurate & timely results.

This includes cutting edge technology, people, monies, and even cadaver dogs. Optimizing resources will help provide answers to families & loved ones who are waiting for closure. I will provide effective communication of delicate information to compassionately bridge the gap between science and humanity. 

As your Lake County coroner, I promise to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and service. 


Behind every case lies a life -

A individual narrative waiting to be accurately told.



Thorough & Accurate Death Investigations

As your Lake County Coroner, I will tell the untold stories. I will approach each case with empathy and respect. Beyond the technical aspects of death investigations, I will honor the lives of the departed by uncovering their narratives—their joys, struggles, and contributions. Every individual deserves to be remembered, and I will ensure that their stories are heard, even the story told in death. Accurate - thorough - and timely reports help families and the community. 

Whether the death is anticipated, sudden, or unexpected, I will ensure a thorough investigation which is crucial to those who are mourning today and those who may be seeking justice tomorrow. 


Community Education for Prevention

Prevention is key for a safe community.  I am committed to organizing educational programs that empower our community. From understanding safety measures to recognizing warning signs, I believe that informed citizens can help prevent avoidable deaths.

 We face the threats of public health outbreaks, fentanyl/opioid related deaths, homicide, and suicide. Together, we can ensure that even the youngest members of our community are safe, with everyone have equal access to well-being education, quality care for addiction, and public health initiatives. Information in the hands of the community is critical to reducing avoidable deaths and providing a place for everyone to safely live together. 

As coroner, I will investigate creating a team of volunteers that will work with our office, to provide spiritual support, counseling, and compassionate care to those who have lost a loved one. Continue to follow us for more details. Some of the information was discussed in a podcast on 4/22/24.

Let’s work together to create a safer community for all.

Be sure to click on the Education tab on our website! 

Resourceful and Efficient Use of Resources

For the Coroner's Office, our resources can be financial, people, animals and cutting-edge equipment that we handle with precision and care. Our county’s resources are valuable.  I pledge to use them wisely, streamlining processes without compromising thoroughness. By optimizing our investigative methods, we can provide timely and accurate results while respecting budget constraints.

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