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Meet Mark

Mark and his wife, Deborah, were married in 1990. They have raised 5 young adults whom they raised to be active participants in their community. Both of their sons proudly serve our country in the Army Reserves. Two of their children are licensed funeral directors, one works in the administrative offices of a local funeral home, and the other daughter is professional artist and medical illustrator. 

Like Mark, all of his children have grown up living above a funeral home. The family understand that death happens at the least opportune moment. They have all learned the importance of accurate paperwork, providing compassionate services, and how to use resources efficiently & respectfully. Mark is well versed in the delicate balance between empathy and professionalism. 


(Mark A. Symonds, Sr., wife Deboarh and Mark Jr., Luke, Penelope & Rebecca).

 Together, Mark & Deborah demonstrate to their children a respect for human life and grief facilitation for the bereaved. As a family, they served the community in Lake County and Chicago as active participants in schools, colleges, churches, and public offices. The family shares a love for animals, camping, church and community events. 

(Deborah, Mark A. Symonds, Sr., Luke, Rebecca, Penelope with Josiah, and Mark Symonds Jr.)

Mark has a degree in Mortuary Science from Chicago City Wide and has been a Licensed Funeral Director in Illinois since 1991 and has run a family-owned funeral home for his adult life. He possesses the necessary skills to fulfill the critical role of county coroner.  

Mark passionately honors life, learns from tragedies and speaks out to the community to build a safer future. He has developed a valued relationship with members of the community and demonstrates professionalism, leadership, and the healthy exchanges of ideas. His leadership, experience and dependability seamlessly connect families, professionals and the community during times of loss.

Beyond the technical aspects of death investigations, Mark will honor the lives of the departed by uncovering their narratives—their joys, struggles, and contributions. Every individual deserves to be remembered, and he will ensure that their stories are heard, even the story told in death.


Let's Write the Next Chapter

As your coroner, I promise to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and service. Together, we can honor lives, learn from tragedies, and build a safer future.

I sincerely ask for your support and invite you to join me on this journey. Let’s write the next chapter—one that celebrates life, even in its final moments.


Mark A. Symonds, Sr. 

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