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Coroner is An Elected Position

Did you know that the Coroner is an elected position? The death of any human being requires a community effort to speak for that person: how did they die? Was there foul-play? What community education could be provided to decrease deaths in a similar way?

The County Coroner is an elected position that enables all death investigations to be investigated thoroughly and with integrity. The Coroner also gives compassion to the family, the community and the responders who were impacted by the death. It is a role that requires dedication, compassion and conviction.

Our home growing up was above a funeral home. I learned as a small child that death is unexpected, it happens at the least opportune moment, and death impacts an entire community. Often, those who have passed away leave behind a story that has not been told. I am committed to speaking for the dead while providing compassionate care and education for the living. I will be assiduous in meeting every need of the one who passed while providing answers and education for the living.

When you vote in the Illinois Primary Election on March 19, 2024 and the General Election on November 5, 2024, vote for Mark A. Symonds, for Lake County Coroner.

Committee to Elect Mark Symonds
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