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Public Endorsements for Mark A. Symonds

Mark has the public support as he runs for Lake County Coroner, 2024! Here is what valued members of our community have to say.....

🗳️ Vote for Mark A. Symonds, Lake County Coroner! Mark A. Symonds brings over 30 years of experience as a licensed funeral director and small business owner. His commitment to the community and understanding of the delicate balance between empathy and professionalism set him apart. Why Mark? Thorough Death Investigations: Mark will conduct meticulous investigations using proven techniques. Informed Communities: He’ll promote awareness to prevent avoidable deaths. Resource Responsibility: Mark will use resources efficiently to provide accurate and timely results. Mark’s passion lies in honoring lives, learning from tragedies, and facilitating healthy dialogue with medical professionals, law enforcement, and Lake County officials. Every life tells a story, and Mark is dedicated to ensuring those stories are accurately told. Vote for Mark A. Symonds on November 5, 2024, and let’s build a safer future together! 🌟 Learn more about Mark on his official campaign website Mike O'Mara Antioch Township Republican Chairman — Michael Omara
Antioch Township Republican Chairman

I endorse Mark Symonds for the Lake County Coroner.  — Barbara Hart
Community Member

I endorse Mark A. Symonds for Lake County Coroner. Vote for him in November.  — Carroll Ciriv
Community Member

Mark Symonds would make a great coroner because of his extensive knowledge of the death care industry. Not only has he been licensed for over 30 years he has grown up with a passion and care for the families he serves. He is dependable, trustworthy, and compassionate to those in need.  He has a heart for serving others and will do everything in his power to help hose in need.  He will be an outstanding public servant through the role of Lake County Coroner.  — Andrew
Community Member

Mark is a kind and compassionate funeral director who has put the needs of the families he has served, first. He is dependable and knowledgeable of his trade, and I endorse him as our next Lake County Coroner! — Elizabeth R.
Community Member

After a terrible experience with the current, Lake County corner, I am choosing to endorse Mark Symonds in 2024. We need someone as the Lake County Coroner that can be an advocate for grieving families, someone who will work within the limits of the law, to respect their wishes, and make an unpleasant experience go as smoothly as possible. After personally speaking to Mark, I realize he will do just that. With his many years of experience, I believe Mark will bring a level of professionalism and respect back to the office of Lake County Corner. I look forward to placing my vote for Mark Symonds, for Lake County Coroner. — Bonnie Barrington
Community Member

I endorse Mark Symonds for Lake County Coroner.  — William Conwich

My name is Stephen and I am a retired Chicago Police Officer.  Mark & his family owned Fairbrothers Funeral Home, right next door to us. Prior to its closing, Fairbrothers was an institution in Old Irving Park. The business was nurtured and grown by Mark’s family for over two generations. In 2019, Mark and his family left Old Irving park, and moved to Lake County, leaving behind a void, not only for  me and my family, but also for others in our tight knit community. For years, Mark had plowed the entire alley for the community, and it was always done free of charge.  In the summer, Mark would reach out to his elderly neighbors and help them procure air conditioning units to ensure that they had comfortable and safe conditions within their residences. What I have shared here in these few lines barely scratches the surface in describing Mark Symonds. He is an invaluable asset to the people and any community which he may serve. It is a pleasure for me to endorse Mark Symonds for Lake County Coroner. — Stephen N.
Retired Chicago Police Officer

We have known Mark Symonds for over 30 years. We have known him to be an upstanding family man, a competent funeral home owner, and in his capacity as a funeral Director we have known him to be fair and honest. We feel that Mark would be a great asset to the Lake County’s corner office. — Steven and Rosemarie Bates
Ret. Deputy District Chief CFD

I have known Mark and his family for 32 years. Mark is experienced and dependable at providing compassionate care for those who are deceased as well as to their families and friends. Being a substance abuse counselor, I appreciate Mark's dedication to drug abuse prevention and community education. I appreciate that he wants to increase community awareness to help prevent avoidable deaths. I appreciate how dependable he is, that he is transparent, and how he combines professional information with empathy. I don't ever want to need a coroner. But if I do need a coroner, due to an unexpected death, I would 100% want Mark Symonds to be the person who is responsible to tell my final story.  — Roger Cangialosi

Committee to Elect Mark Symonds
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